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Ascending Stars
Hanna-Lena Christensen

Welcome to Ascending Stars

Embody your Multidimensional Self, share your Soul Gifts + play full out in this Game of Life.

You are born a Star.

When you were a child you knew. You remembered your true origin. And you let yourself shine your light effortlessly into the world.

But then something happened. You grew up in a world that didn't honor you as who you are. And that wanted you to fit into a box that was comfortable for them but too small for you.

So you dimmed your light, you held back, you reshaped your expression just to fit in, to be a part of them to be loved and accepted.

And through the process you lost yourSelf, you forgot who you truly are and you dismissed your specialness.

Until you realized that you can no longer live this way. That you are bigger than what they think of you. That your light is meant to shine bright in this world and you've come here with a mission, a deep soul's purpose. To create something New.

And that's when you came to understand that all those years of not fitting in were helping you to see that you were never meant to fit in, but rather create a new form, a new system, a new way of living. Ushering in the New Earth.

You are one of the pioneers. One of the stars that are here to trailblaze into new realms and serve the world with your unique medicine.

This is why I created this community. For us to come together and support each other in living as the Star we were born to be to co-create this New Earth together- a world based on Peace, Freedom and Love.

I'm excited for you to join us on that mission!

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